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primary emulsion treatment    

  • only natural organic-based emulsion breaker polymers
  • no need of acid & salts
  • no sludge for landfill disposal
  • combining with all WWT technologies
    heavy metal removal    

  • less harmful than organic sulfide-based products
  • outstanding simultaneous removal of ionic and elemental Hg
  • high efficiency removal of all heavy metals
    zero discharge    

  • full automatic online dosing control of organic emulsion breaker
  • combining with NET-RO for zero discharge treatment
  • water recycling (water reuse) in production processes
    scale inhibition and removal    

    Baypure® DSP
  • removal and inhibition of scale in drainage systems
  • solid & liquid
  • easy to use
  • high level of experiences in tunnel drainage systems

    engineering, consulting and support

  • apply new products and processes to enhance customers effort
  • from the beginning to the end full service packages

  • New Environmental Technology GmbH
    Rhenaniastr. 130-132 * 68219 Mannheim